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A school built at a height of 461m to provide cleaner air.

Sign the pledge for cleaner air by symbolically enrolling your children

By symbolically enrolling your child, you also sign up their school to get an air quality meter installed.

Enroll your child

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Use an air purifier

The air purifier helps to filter out PM 2.5 fine dust, providing clean indoor air.

Take public transport

Public transport helps to reduce the amount of toxic gases released from motorcycles and cars.

Wear a mask

Wearing a mask helps prevent the inhalation of more than 90% of the fine dust each day.

Use renewable energy

Using energy economically and efficiently, and replacing fossil energy with renewable energy.

Plant a tree

Trees can filter and purify up to 90% of toxic gases in and around the home.

Check the air quality

Check the air quality index everyday to proactively prevent and reduce the risk of exposure to fine dust.